Aplasys is a multinational high-tech startup founded in 2015 that has brought to the market the major technological innovation: protein expression optimization based on virtual environments that represent the process of protein formation in a cellular or cell-free environment. Aplasys solution has undergone rigorous laboratory quality assurance and the company’s services provide numerous benefits to end-users: saving time and laboratory resources, streamline your protein expression optimization, eliminating the trial-and-error cycle needed for protein yield scale-up.
The idea of ​​computational protein expression was born during many years of industrial research and development of the Aplasys CSO, Anton Semenchenko. 
Prof. Anton was fascinated by the complexity and perfection of the molecular biology processes in all living beings. The immersion in the studies of the fundamental mechanisms of protein synthesis gave light to the computational technology that, today, is the pillar of the company’s major product and services.
Our interdisciplinary team is formed by the top business and science professionals from biotechnology, computing, mathematics field. We always encourage collaboration with new members that are interested in cutting edge research and innovation. 
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